The Project

F.A.Q. (v1.1) – English version

F.A.Q. (v1.1) – English version

What is Spheroid Universe?

Spheroid Universe is creating the world's first decentralized augmented reality social network where SPACE (Digital Land) owners receives the revenue from ads monetization instead of an IT corporation.

The benefits of owning SPACES include among others:

  • Advertising your products in spaces using Spheroid Universe’s AR/VR technology

  • Renting your spaces to Advertisers & Businesses to generate a passive income

  • Acquisition of loans using spaces as collateral; a service being carried out in collaboration with our partner

  • Reselling your spaces at any price of your choice

  • Earning up to 20% commissions on Space sales at the Primary Marketplace through the Expansion feature.

  • Passing on Spaces to your heirs

  • Buy Spaces as gifts for your loved ones…

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