Investment conditions on the AR market

Between April 2017 and April 2018, AR / VR and XR startups have attracted over $3.6 billion in venture investments. Over $1.5 billion of this amount was collected in Q4 2017.

All of the major IT players, such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, have been investing in the AR sphere for a long time. It is no longer an issue of hype, with the market players and analysts convinced that this technology will take off. The only issue is - who will be there to benefit from it.

According to the Hype Cycle model developed by Gartner, AR technology has entered the perfect investment phase. It is no longer surrounded by crazy initial hype. It has passed the R&D investment and first prototype stage, with vendors creating sustainable platforms and instruments for AR product manufacture.

AR is about to lunge upwards to a productivity plateau. During this upswing, the companies will come out with second and third generation products, while AR market penetration will rise from the current 5% to 30%.

Today is the time when technologically aggressive companies, such as Google and Apple, are actively implementing pilot products. Moderately aggressive technological companies are joining them enthusiastically.

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