Platform capabilities for Advertisers

Advertisers use the Spheroid Universe as a sales channel for their products and services, or the goods and services of the brand they represent.

Advertisers develop and implement their advertising strategies within the Spheroid Universe. Depending on the strategy and script complexity of audience interaction, Advertisers implement them using existing platform capabilities or turn to Developers for the creation of new types of AR publications.

For instance, an Advertiser can inhabit an area with creatures from faraway planets and worlds, fill it with magical artefacts, organize an interactive platform to display the brand’s products, create AR publications next to the points of product sale, crowded areas, conduct excursions to their worlds, organize games and quests.

New and unprecedented communication opportunities and deep levels of user engagement with the advertising content are opening up for the Advertisers.

  • Unique advertising formats: there are no physical limits on the size and appearance of advertising, advertising that exists in the real world, but is not limited by the limitations of the material world, complete freedom of creativity.

  • Target audience engagement: the time of audience contact with the advertisement can be ensured via the interactive engagement with the target audience.

The Spheroid Universe platform resolves the currently existing problem of low ROI, while using augmented reality technologies.

Problem on the market:

Absence of aggregated audience:

The need for each Advertiser to spend money on engaging and retaining the audience of proprietary apps, instead of resolving direct tasks faced by their business – product and services sales

Low efficiency of AR implementation:

Advertiser invests considerable time and funds into developing and promoting their own AR apps, which often have single-use mechanics, and resulting high entry barriers, impossibility of using the advantages of breakthrough technologies on the mass market.

Absence of advanced analytical solutions:

Data required for raising efficiency of advertising and business activities cannot be collected due to the local nature of proprietary products**.**

Spheroid Universe solution:

Global audience:

Every Advertiser addresses the project's global audience, additionally expanding it, creating and augmenting their activities on the platform.

Efficient tools and services:

The platform allows to publish information quickly and affordably using platform tools, with no need to invest considerable time and funds into the development and promotion of proprietary apps.

Advanced analytical instruments:

The platform provides professional instruments for the analysis and adjustments of one’s business activities on the basis of a large set of aggregated data.

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