AR social network

Spheroid Universe social network is an innovative space for business, communications and entertainment. Access to and interaction with this space occurs via the Spheroid Universe mobile app.

Any person, community or company can create their own universe, their world within the Spheroid Universe space. This world reflects their interests, passions and values.

Space owners make AR-publications to fill up their universes. AR-publications are connected to objects or places in the real world. They emerge and are rendered in augmented reality that’s superimposed on the real world.

Users can create AR-publications from graphic objects, photo, video, audio or text notes. They are designed using platform tools or the tools offered by the developer community (plugins).

Users can invite other users to their worlds, present and share the content of their worlds.

AR publications are different from regular social media posts, since in addition to the infinitely abundant opportunities of visual design, which emerged with the augmented reality technology, they can be a complex programming product that interacts with the user according to pre-set algorithms or those modifiable in the update process.

For instance, a brand can inhabit its universe with characters who will be able to escort people to the storefront, while informing them about new products. Or these characters can transform into a store themselves – display the product that a person is interested in, tell him or her about it, and take the order.

The Spheroid Universe world is a context-based world. It contains a potentially infinite number of universes. Users can choose the worlds they observe by managing visibility settings. Owing to that, different users can stand on the same spot, and see different worlds with different content, important and interesting to them specifically at that point in time. They can switch between the worlds that broadcast information to their own world at will.

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