Platform capabilities for Artists

For artists, Spheroid is a platform for creativity, recognition and monetization of their experience.

  • Creative freedom. The platform heeds much attention to the development of tools for Artists. Developers are also involved in this process, making apps, plugins and tools for creative people.

  • Monetization of experience. Having created a 3D object once, an artist can sell the rights to its utilization all over the world multiple times.

Example of practical interactions and use of Spheroid Universe by the Artists:

  • Artists can be invited to create virtual structures, historical reconstructions, their work can allow to see the Colosseum or the Acropolis the way they used to be in the times of antiquity, become participants of historical events, take part in rituals or ceremonies.

  • Artists may be invited to create advertising structures in the city centers, similar to physical banners, as well as expositions for various occasions, sporting events, etc.

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