Project mission

Project mission

The mission of the Spheroid Universe is to create the best AR services in the world for individuals and commercial organizations.

We realize that in 3 to 5 years augmented reality will become a part of everyday routine in the same manner that the use of navigators, messengers or streaming video on smartphones has. In the scale, functionality and grandeur it is only comparable to the emergence of the smartphone itself, since life will acquire an entirely new dimension in the digital world. A dimension with its own formats, instruments, communication methods, material and non-material asset exchange algorithms.

The first goal of the Spheroid, namely, to establish a platform, has been attained. The platform has been created as the entry point into this new dimension.

We see the following as our primary goals:

  • Create the instruments for creative self-expression in augmented reality and provide a platform (Spaces) for this self-expression.

  • Create a new type of AR-social network and attract millions of users

  • Create a new advertising market and new mechanisms for companies’ communications with their target audiences

  • Create the market for augmented digital real estate and investments

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