Platform capabilities for users

For users, Spheroid Universe is primarily a space for self-expression and interaction, a social network with a WOW-effect.

Users install a mobile app for free and enjoy free access to the platform. Users are attracted to the exclusivity and novelty of self-expression, the chance to surprise, to create unique messages. Hang a huge animated heart in front of your loved one’s window, place your favorite team’s huge flag and slogan, mark a café you like by five stars floating in the air, and send a lightning bolt and roaring thunder to the one whose service didn’t impress you.

Users create their personal Universes in the Spheroid Universe space, while the Spheroid Universe is comprised of an infinite number of personal and thematic user Universes, or Parallel Worlds.

A Universe is the world that belongs only to its creator

A world is what a person wants to see.

A world that he controls.

Every Universe embraces and includes the entire space of the Earth.

People can invite friends to their Universe, which allows them to see each other's Universes. As they travel, they see the memories and impressions of their friends from the same sites, they see photos, videos and audio recordings, text and graphic objects, implemented in the augmented reality space as AR publications. They share the places they like to visit, their life stories and events, interact, meet each other and find new friends.

People can comment and 'like' content, and create AR publications in each other’s worlds. They can subscribe to thematic Universes and brand Universes, find out about time and place of various events. People can create and become authors of thematic Universes, launch them and make a profit on them.

For instance, travelers can create Universes and mark the best spots within them, report on them, mark their routes that other users may follow. They can acquire a Space on sites that their Universe subscribers will visit, and sell the chance to make AR publications to hotels and tour organizers.

AR publications can be rendered without the need to be present on the event site. For that purpose, an AR publication is automatically recorded and published in 2D social media feed at the time of its installation, in order for the other Users to render it at any time anywhere.

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