Short-term strategy focus: development speed and product implementation

In the short-term, our strategy is built on coming up with unorthodox solutions for traditional demand, by transferring some of this demand into a new market niche. The products assume new characteristics, and the demand continues to be augmented by new audiences, which did not previously have any reasons to be interested in AR products. During this period, the business model focuses on the supply of useful AR-industry products for mass consumers, whose interests are clear and have the potential for being transferred to AR from other markets without significant additional expenses.

Key criteria in platform's product development

  • The products are implemented, improved and augmented based on consumer feedback as quickly as possible, without long-term developments invisible to the consumer.

  • Main product efforts and expenses target consumers who are not critical of the absence of a mass audience, but act as catalysts and the basis for the formation of a future mass audience.

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