Problem #3: Efficient priority management

As they compete with each other, the giants are motivated to create the best products, have the resource to research user needs and the methods of getting their products across to the end consumers, embedding them into the product ecosystems they are creating.

What can decentralization offer in countering this approach? How can platform development be focused on key directions? How can priorities be efficiently identified and determined?

An important and mandatory condition is preserving the chance to manage the platform's development vector via targeted financing of ideas and projects, which the platform will implement through the use of revenue from Space sales.

How is it possible to organize a quick and efficient signal transmission from the market to developer teams? For this purpose, the platform is creating a system where platform users will be able to:

  • Propose ideas for platform function development and vote for those that will receive financing

  • Vote for teams that implement ideas

  • Receive rewards for ideas and their successful implementation

With the emergence of the blockchain technology, the corporations have lost their main advantage – the monopoly of efficiently organizing the joint activity of numerous people, expressed as the opportunity to focus, record and guarantee payment for these activities.

Speed and dynamics, lack of bureaucratic barriers, developer team competition, platform users’ readiness to spend a lot of time to attain success – these are all drivers of the platform’s exponential growth and maintenance of the market positions.

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