Limitations of the blockchain technology for the platform

At the same time, despite the unique benefits that blockchain has brought with it, cryptotechnologies today are still in the development stage, where making it mandatory for all users would create significant barriers for audience growth.

The complexity of the blockchain concept, the underdevelopment of interfaces, current technical limitations make the world of cryptocurrencies an area primarily for specialists and advanced users. It’s impossible to create a global project with a focus on the mass market leaning entirely on the technically advanced audience.

The same is true for the development process.

Platform products should be user-friendly, simple for the user to master, and emerge fast. At each stage of its development the platform should select a set of technologies that ensures the maximum development speed, and the greatest rate of introduction of new functions.

Just like a person, who is born and develops through various phases of growth and maturity, the platform that aims to assume the leading position on the market should consecutively pass through various stages of technical development, moving step-by-step from centralized and partly decentralized solutions to a truly decentralized architecture.

Thus, the limitations that exist in the cryptocurrency world today, the underdevelopment of environments and developing tools in comparison with traditional approaches, should not become limiting factors that decelerate the development of the platform products.

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