Platform capabilities for Space Owners

Spheroid Universe is an immense new advertising market, where the main share of advertising profits is received by Space Owners rather than IT corporations.

The purchase of Spaces entails, first and foremost, the acquisition of rights to obtain revenue from advertising within the purchased Spaces, acquisition of rights to control all the terms of Advertisers’ AR publications.

The platform had already implemented and is testing the functions that allow to publish advertising information at any point in the world within any selected Space. The public demo version of the service, which will allow advertisers from around the world to test the platform’s capabilities, will appear in Q3-Q4 2018. From the outset, the service will work on all types of Spaces (both those with a 3D virtual map of the Spheroid.Space real world, and those that do not yet contain it yet). The service’s demo version will allow the Advertisers to upload their own AR objects, select geographic, time and quality parameters of their rendering.

**The infinite advertising capacity of each Space is an important factor. **

The virtual world doesn't have the limitations of the physical world.

Each Space can simultaneously contain the ads of an unlimited number of Advertisers. For instance, commercial AR publications, presented on a pay-per-view basis, will be rendered only when a User is interested in something that can be offered by the Advertiser.

As the platform develops further, the capability of Space Owners to select various models of commercial AR publication demonstration in their Spaces will emerge and expand, allowing to conclude transactions with the Advertiser automatically if the Space Owner’s and Advertiser’s cost parameters coincide.

The saturation of a Space by contracts with various Advertisers, which statistically brings in a regular revenue, will be a powerful factor for the growth of Space price on the secondary market, if sold by the Space Owner.

**The total number of Spaces is initially limited by the size of the Earth itself **

Factors of Space price growth:

As the project develops, and the number of Spaces on the primary market in each of the regions is depleted, as the project audience grows and Advertiser activity increases, the price of Spaces will also increase.

In striving to maximize profits, a Space Owner will make an effort to keep the 3D virtual map of real-world Spheroid.Space objects current.

A Space Owner can initiate the Spheroid.Space process on the Spaces belonging to him, which may be required in case of significant changes that occur to static objects in the real-world area that coincides with his Space, i.e. a new building or a bench, felling of trees, etc.

For that purpose, the Space Owner creates a request within the Spheroid.Earth network and indicates the terms of its fulfilment, the request is accepted and fulfilled by Scouts, who transmit it for subsequent digitization by FOG-nodes.

As Spheroid.Earth develops, precision, detail elaboration and quality of the created Spheroid.Space will increase.

The relevance of the 3D Spheroid.Space model of real-world data, filling it with information on the internal space of commercially attractive facilities within it (shopping, business, exposition centers, etc.) will act as supplementary factors that affect the value of Spaces.

Purchasing and integration of Spaces, lease, creation of advertising platforms, digitalization and resale – the Space Owner selects the monetization method, while the platform assists with strategy implementation.

This is the reason why the platform creates and develops services.

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