The Spheroid Universe technological solution contains 2 components:

  • Software component

  • Organizational component

From the programming point of view, Spheroid Universe uses data recorded by user device cameras to search and select area features and to construct a 3D map of the recorded space. These maps, superimposed onto the Earth’s coordinate network, allow to refine the position and the orientation of user devices within them. For more on this approach, please see the “Mapping methods and machine learning technologies.”

From the organizational viewpoint, Spheroid Universe proposes the technology that engages an unlimited number of people in the global project of creating a digital model of the planet Earth.

Their motivation is ensured by recording their contribution to the work and transferring the digitized Spaces – puzzle pieces of the future digital Earth image – into their property.

Millions of people around the world will be able to join this grandiose project and invest efforts in bringing the augmented reality era closer, becoming its co-creators. The project will allow to form a new class of property owners and a new source of revenue for people around the world.

A vast mass of aggregated data will require significant memory volumes for its storage and computational capacities for its processing. This data will be stored and processed in a decentralized manner.

Integrated in a single technology, the aggregate of organizational and programming methods creates unique value, allowing the platform to:

  • Create a detailed digital version of the planet Earth, including its remote parts, which will not be integrated by corporations for a long time to come, but will be able to leap into the new digital era.

  • Become the owner of the largest structured video dataset, supplemented by data from device sensors, which have independent commercial value for the purposes of subsequent improvement of 3D models, learning and processing by neural networks.

  • Teach and improve the Spheroid Universe neural network based on this dataset.

  • Form an active and loyal global platform user network

  • Take the lead in the AR world

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