Competitive environment

The emergence of an increasingly greater number of companies that enter the AR market is a positive factor:

  • It testifies to the beginning of the market's explosive growth and its investment attractiveness

  • Our joint efforts popularize the new technology and further the growth of demand for it.

  • The market is far from saturation, and it needs new technologies, new ideas, new professionals. Joint efforts accelerate their emergence.

Meanwhile, IT giants, such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc., are likely to provide the greatest competition.

IT corporations, committed to developing their own platforms, possess huge financial, human and marketing resources. The giants are capable of focusing a significant part of these resources on the areas of interest to them, they have access to an audience of hundreds of millions of people, control the software, and often the hardware, segments.

Despite all this, the world knows plenty of cases when a startup, using its strengths to its advantages, created a product that took the lead, won the competitive struggle and later determined the rules of the game on the market.

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