Platform development stages

The technology stack is aimed from the outset at fast prototyping and launching of new products. Partial centralization intends to ensure the manageability of the platform project development trajectory in the early stages, development of API, gateways, standards under real-life conditions, and audience engagement.

  • Data is stored on cloud servers with geo-replication

  • Azure Cosmos DB database

  • Ethereum-powered blockchain infrastructure

  • Unity-based AR app, ArKit and ArCore frameworks.

  • Support of exclusively native Spheroid Universe client apps

  • 3D reconstruction, CNN, SIFT-like algorithms


  • Launch of the decentralized Spheroid.Earth for storing Spheroid.Space and AR content

  • Marketplace switch to ERC721 or analogous standard on the EOS platform

  • Formation and publishing data exchange protocols and standards, beginning to support third-party and white-label client AR

  • Switch to proprietary open AR content standard

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