Advertising in augmented reality during sports events

The Spheroid Universe platform and BETCONSTRUCT, one of the world leaders in the development of programming solutions for the gaming industry, have agreed on strategic partnership.

The partnership entails cooperation in the context of sports events advertising.

Stadiums and sites of mass sports events are among the most promising facilities from the viewpoint of advertising monetization. We’ve chosen the stadiums with the greatest traffic, the most popular and well-known, for a total of 1500 sports arenas (Wembley, Juventus Stadium Melbourne Cricket Ground, etc.), and have reserved the corresponding Spaces.

Plugin and AR publication developers will be able to receive real-time data on all the key events happening at a sports event from BETCONSTRUCT via Spheroid Platform API.

Developers will be able to create AR publications that use expanded information on the events at the competition (i.e., a racer’s lap time compared to the competitors), while the Advertisers will implement interactive advertising messages that adapt to the events of the sporting competition.

Spaces located at stadiums will be integrated into thematic lots (Spaces at one stadium will be unified into one lot). Lots will be sold at the open market in a special series of auctions.

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