Community organization technologies

There are billions of Spaces in different, even the most remote places on Earth’s surface. For some of them people have the data to construct 3D maps (street photos, lidar data), but for most of these territories, the required structured data is missing.

Certain startups digitize specific areas, resolving this issue on a small scale, yet these areas are infinitely small in comparison with territories developed by humankind and the requirements for the presence of a digital space.

**How can the task of digitizing Earth be resolved today? **

**How can millions of people be organized to undertake this work? **

The Spheroid Universe solution:

Allow community members to benefit from the work conducted People are engaged in the digitalization of Earth surface and get a chance to obtain the digitized and new territories as their property.

The Spheroid Universe app allows anyone to collect the required data easily, in a game format. The app will utilize process gamification mechanics.

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