Business model

The Spheroid Universe platform business model provides for two revenue sources:

  • Revenue from the sale of Spaces on the primary market

  • Advertising monetization

The sale of Spaces on the primary market by the platform allows it to generate profits and develop at the initial stages.

As the platform products develop and the audience is engaged, the platform will obtain an additional revenue source, namely, commissions on transactions between Advertisers and Space Owners.

The Spheroid Universe economic system is structured upon an integrated cryptocurrency/fiat model. It’s important for the engagement of a mass audience, the majority of which is yet to figure out how and why to participate in crypto-projects.

Why is it impossible, or just not feasible, to build the Spheroid Universe ecosystem upon cryptocurrency alone, excluding traditional currencies from the use within the system?

  • There is no legal basis (or methods) that would allow to prevent property owners from using traditional currencies in transactions with their digital Space assets. A Space owner has the right to manage them as he sees fit in accordance with international law, just as any other property.

  • In the short-term, fiat transactions allow to engage the audience and expand the ecosystem economy at an outperforming rate, making it competitive. Using traditional currencies is a particularly important driver for B2B and C2B relations, since there are currently legal difficulties of various degrees in organizations’ operations with cryptocurrencies in most countries.

  • Under the current conditions of the absence of clear-cut international cryptocurrency regulations, the potential risk of limits and prohibitions of cryptocurrency operations in certain countries has to be taken into account. The fact that Spaces can be sold for fiat money is the inherent quality that protects them from this risk –

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