Problem #1: Precise positioning during app initialization

The problem can be presented in the following manner:

  1. The device that renders augmented reality (smartphone, headphones) is located in the real world.

  2. Augmented reality that the device should superimpose over the real world is located in the virtual world

  3. For precise superimposition and synchronization of the two worlds, the device should precisely determine where it is in the real world, where the camera is aiming, and transmit the data to the virtual world, positioning itself in it. This allows to render the virtual world on its screen with precise correspondence to the real world.

In the world of consumer-grade devices that we use today (smartphones, tablets, headphones) there are no sensors capable of ensuring adequate measurement precision, and the technologies today do not yet allow to create devices that combine high measurement precision, miniature size and a price acceptable for mass market.

  • Errors in measuring geographic coordinates by GPS receivers do not give a proper impression of the precise device location. Out in an open space, the data is measured with relative precision, while in restrained urban conditions the satellite signal reflection from the buildings introduce an error sufficient for creating miscalculations of dozens of meters.

  • Errors in measuring the magnetic field by a magnetometer (compass) do not give an accurate representation of the direction where the device camera is pointed. The imperfection of the technology and the interference generated by the environme

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